About the Program

The rapid pace and multilingual nature of knowledge production in our globalizing era poses great challenges for individuals and nations alike. We all rely on translation to make sense of modern life; every country requires a vital translation industry to keep its citizens abreast of the latest developments in various fields around the world. A vital translation industry begins with effective translation education, and in the past several years National Taiwan University has been educating the next generation of professional translators in Taiwan, founding the NTU Chinese-English Undergraduate Translation Program in 2009 and the NTU Graduate Program in Translation and Interpretation (GPTI) in 2012. GPTI’s linguistically gifted students represent a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds. They choose one of two tracks, translation or interpretation, when they apply, and, in the program, they are grounded in the theory, practice, and technology of translation and interpretation. According to GPTI’s pedagogical design, graduates should possess: 1) the ability to cogitate and communicate in both Chinese and English, 2) an understanding of the profession of translation and interpretation, 3) multicultural and multidisciplinary vision, and 4) competence in the theory and research methodology of translation and interpretation studies. In short, GPTI combines cutting edge research, pedagogy and technology to provide students with a solidly linguistic, professional, multicultural, and critical foundation in translation and interpretation.

Degree Requirements

The minimum term of study is two years, and students have up to four years to complete the program. To graduate, students must take courses totaling 36 credits (with 31 required credits in the translation track and 32 required credits in the interpretation track), 2) complete a 108-hour practicum according to professional specialization, and 3) defend a Master’s thesis. For details please consult the NTU GPTI Degree Requirements.

Future Outlook

NTU GPTI aspires to provide theoretical and practical training to Chinese-English translation and interpretation talent, improve the overall quality of translation and interpretation in Taiwan, and raise the status of the profession as well as the academic standing of translation and interpretation studies. As technology advances, as the division of labor becomes even more intricate, and as the rate of knowledge dissemination increases, there is now more than ever a need for translation and interpretation talent in all fields. As the top comprehensive university in Taiwan with the richest multidisciplinary course offerings, NTU is the best place for aspiring translators and interpreters to develop field-specific background knowledge. The basic training GPTI students receive in bilingual and multicultural communication will prepare them to enter specialized fields and make a contribution to the profession and to society.

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